Board Members

Josh Hsu

Founder, Sous

  • Ex-ML/Hardware Founder inventing new tech in the fitness space.
  • Previous fund analyst at MedTech Ventures.
  • Currently building in stealth for the food & personal training space.

Mat Sherman

Founder, Seedscout

  • Multi-time founder, previously backed by Silicon Valley luminaries.
  • > 700 podcasts with top founders backed by the likes of YC, a16z, and more.
  • Currently disrupting venture capital on a global scale.

Mychal Culpepper

Founder, PinView

  • Attended LAUNCH University by Jason Calacanis.
  • Wrote a 300 page novel in 5th grade from scratch.
  • Currently bridging the gap between bits and atoms in cities through adventure.

Adam Laor

Founder, Sinatra

  • Built NYC’s best independant pharmacy while in high school.
  • 1517 Member, group spun out of the Thiel Fellowship.
  • Currently building a full stack OS for hospitality.

Christian LaRosa

Founder, Rosotics

  • Recent cohort, NASA Lucy Mission Accelerator.
  • 1517 Member, group spun out of the Thiel Fellowship.
  • Currently building large-scale metal manufacturing technologies


Andy Le


Dylan Rose

Founder, Evergreen Systems

Jai Agrawal

Founder, Rinth

Jordan Fourcher

Founder, Fourcher Technologies

Justin Kuehn

Founder, Intuico

Ken Mooso

Founder, Personafi

Mani Kandan

Founder, Shadyforge

Manny Comminsky

Founder, Sunbound Homes

Max Bregman

Founder, Breathe EV

Michael Houston

Founder, ElevateU

Michael Ly

Founder, Reconciled

Ping Hsu


Pramod Kollamparambil

Founder, Selfem

Tim Strother

Founder, Call Your Friends

Zack Cox

Founder, Pidgi

Adrian Gillette

Founder, LocalBuzz

Austin Thurman

Founder, Rosotics

Benny Guaderrama

Founder, Twour

Brian Sowards

Founder, Supersynchronous

Jay Hutchins