Why do we exist?

JamPad is Arizona's mafia of the most talented tech startup founders & builders in and around Tempe, Arcadia, and Scottsdale. We identify those who have the chops & desire to build the next generation of category-defining companies (in AZ!), and give them access to the following:

  • JamPad's network of top angel investors & VC's (legit firms & syndicates in SF, Miami, and Austin...)
  • Tier-1 fellow founders from groups such as YC, 1517, LAUNCH, Amazon Catalyst, and more.
  • Talent pools for highly-skilled engineers, designers, and product minds, for both early and growth-stage companies.
  • Access to tier-1 info from bay area insiders
Star Wars JamPad

Now, the product of JamPad is it's founders' companies. Every founder who's accepted into the group agrees to setup an HQ and condense in and around Tempe. Over a 10-15 year horizon, Arizona get's multiple Bay-Area sized exits via IPO, M&A, or simply staying private as a successful startup. We then allow the network effects to take place for Arizona's ecosystem.

The events

On the first Thursday of each month @6:30PM, we host a "magnet event" with all founders in the mob, usually in Tempe or Arcadia (PS, we love The Henry). These are usually very hectic, loud jam sessions that involve everything from highly technical convos about training new ML models, building robots, and space-tech, all the way to cap table dynamics, how much "fluff" is in the Bay Area today, and retro techie mantra's by Bay Area legends like John Doerr and Mike Moritz.

For the record, anyone can show up to these if they network their way to a JamPad member and get added to the invite.


The value of getting into JamPad is actually in the 4 weeks between the magnet event. If and when you're accepted into the group, you'll meet with one of the board members and get assigned your stage as a founder (L1, L2, L3). You'll be notified which members are in the same stage as you, so when you're dropped into the JamPad Discord, you can strategically reach out to other founders for advice and resources on whatever you need. Additionally, dropping into a JamPad-pollinated cafe (LGO, Henry, Sipps, Schmooze, etc) for a lunch can do wonders most founders can't imagine being in Arizona; whether it be connections to raise your first $150k, find a technical co-founder, get in-touch with a tier-1 VC firm for your multi-million dollar seed round, or whatever you need. Many members in the group are quite unassuming, but don't be fooled by this.

Once you're in

You're 1 or 2 connections away from some of the most powerful people in startups. All of startups, that is.

The board of JamPad is composed with some of the the most talented and well-networked people in the group, so they'll help facilitate you gaining access to the infrastructure the group has laid out to be used. But don't be fooled; we will not make your fish sandwich, but we most certainly teach you how to fish.

If you're one of these builders in and around Tempe, Arcadia, or Scottsdale, apply to JamPad here.

🥂 Here's to rapping on Arizona becoming a legitimate tech hub over the next decade.